Bury Hill Meadows Nature Reserve

Dog walking

Dog walking is welcomed at Bury Hill Meadows around the main perimeter paths, although we ask that visitors keep their dogs under effective control and follow the instructions in any temporary signage that may be used in relation to ground-nesting birds.

There are two fenced areas dedicated as dog training areas, that offer free access for visitors to use for the training and exercise of their dogs. We ask that visitors use this space with consideration of others and always clean up after your dog.

Visitors should be aware that this space is to be used at the dog owner’s risk and is not designed to be secure in all situations. These dog training areas have been provided in order to reduce the pressure on the newly-seeded wildflower meadows and help them to become established.



  • Bury Hill Meadows, flowers across the meadow
  • Bury Hill Meadows, tractor working across the meadow
  • Wild flower meadow
  • Poplar farm landscape
  • Wildflower Meadow Panorama