Flying drones in Test Valley

Flying drones in Test Valley and on land owned by Test Valley is subject to the guidance of CAA. You must register your drone with the CAA before any flights can take place. 

When flying drones it is your responsibility:

  • to know how to fly your drone safely, and do so within the law
  • to understand that the operator is legally responsible for every flight
  • to keep your drone in sight at all times and stay below 400ft
  • not to fly your drone over a congested area, never fly within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control
  • ensure any images you obtain using the drone do not break privacy laws
  • avoiding collisions, you should never fly a drone near an airport or close to aircraft. It is a criminal offence to endanger the safety of an aircraft in flight.

Failure to follow the guidance laid out by the CAA can result in a fine.

You can find a copy of the Drone and Model Aircraft Code here: The Drone and Model Aircraft Code | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

More information about how to fly drones safely in the UK can be found here: 


Commercial use and flights

If you wish to use drones for commercial purposes, please get in touch so we can advise you of any potential issues. When making an application we will request a copy of your CAA licenses and a copy of your public liability insurance, please have them to hand when contacting us.

If you would like more information please contact us.