Environmental Health - What we do

We deliver services in the following areas:

Food Safety Health and Safety at Work Animal Welfare Pest Control  
Noise and Nuisance Air Quality Land Contamination Private Water Supplies Infectious Disease Control


This also covers the following registration and licensing functions:

Food Business Registration Animal Licensing Zoo Licensing
Dangerous Wild Animal Licensing Street Trading Consents Hairdresser Registration
Tattooing, Ear Piercing, Electrolysis & Acupuncture Registration Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Registration Environmental Permits for Industrial Pollution Control


Our Service Standards

Whilst carrying out our functions, we are committed to providing an efficient, courteous and helpful service.  We aim to:

  • Encourage engagement with people who may be the subject of regulatory action and ensure that their views are listened to.
  • Promote compliance with regulatory requirements through informal means wherever possible.
  • Ensure that any regulatory action taken is properly targeted and is also fair, consistent and proportionate, taking account of the scale of the risks involved.
  • Ensure that appropriate information is given to people who may be the subject of any regulatory action.  
  • Offer a simple route for people to seek advice about Environmental Health matters, and to comment or complain about any aspects of our work.

To help ensure that our service standard aims are met, the Environmental Health Unit has an Enforcement Policy.


Comments and Complaints

If you would like to comment upon any aspect of our work, or else make a complaint about the handling of a matter, then please contact:

The Environmental Health Unit

Tel. 01264 368000

Email. envhealth@testvalley.gov.uk

Or submit a Complaints Form