Intruder Alarms

Noise made by the operation of audible burglar alarms is a common cause of complaint. Owners and occupiers seeking to protect their properties (whether domestic or commercial) have a responsibility to make sure the device does not become a source of nuisance to their neighbours and the general public.

The alarm system should be properly designed, installed and maintained as far as is reasonably practicable to prevent false alarms. Guidance is given in British Standard BS 4737, as amended by BS 7150.

You can buy copies of these standards (they aren't published anywhere on the Net) from the BSI Standards website.


To avoid disturbing the public, all alarm systems should be fitted with an automatic cut-out device. This will disconnect both the internal and external sounders (either bell or buzzer) after a period of not more than 20 minutes following activation.

Such a cut-out device can be supplemented with a flashing light, which will continue to operate after the sounder has stopped.

You should make sure the system is properly installed and maintained by a reputable and competent burglar alarm company.

How Do I make a complaint?

If you have any concerns regarding an intruder alarm which is causing a nuisance, you can report this to:

The Environment Protection Team
Tel: 01264 368000