Exempt Buildings & Work

The Building Regulations recognise that some buildings pose little risk to public health and safety and these buildings are therefore exempt from the requirements of the Building Regulations.

The following list of buildings and work are exempt from the Building Regulations. For more detailed advice on exemptions please contact us or complete the Building Regulations exemption form.

  • Ancient monuments.
  • Most greenhouses and argricultural buildings not used for retail, packing or exhibiting purposes.
  • Temporary buildings not used for more than 28 days.
  • Site huts and other ancillary buildings containing no sleeping accommodation
  • Some small detached buildings or extensions

Always check your proposals with Building Control to ensure the exemption applies before starting work.

Certain small detached buildings and extension including garages, sheds and summerhouses, conservatories, porches, carports and covered ways may be exempt from the requirements of Building Regulations. Please view the exemption diagram below for more detail or contact us.


  • House