The CIL process

Work that requires planning permission

1. A CIL Additional Information Requirement form must be submitted alongside your initial application. This is a validation requirement.
2. Soon after an application is permitted we will send out a Liability Notice to the applicant and each person known to us as an owner of the relevant land.
3. The person who will be paying CIL must send us an Assumption of Liability Notice. If this is not submitted the owner of the land will have to pay and there may be additional surcharges.
4. You will then need to send us a Commencement Notice with the date that development will start. If this is not submitted a surcharge will be added, you will have to pay immediately and you will lose any relief that was previously granted.
5. If you are claiming relief you will need to submit a claim form before you commence the development. This will also have to be approved before you commence. If development is commenced without sending in a form or receiving approval you will have to pay CIL in full.
6. We will issue a Demand Notice for the CIL payment upon commencement of the development. This will explain what you will have to pay and how to pay us.

The forms mentioned above are available to download from the CIL forms page at the Planning Portal

Work that does not require planning permission

CIL may still apply if:

• You do not need planning permission and are carrying out permitted development.
• Permission to carry out the development was given through the prior notification process, in particular offices to residential accommodation.

You will need to notify us prior to commencing the works if you need to pay CIL. The Notice of Chargeable Development form can be found on the Planning Portal website.

If your development is CIL liable we will calculate the amount you need to pay and send out a Demand Notice. This will outline how much you need to pay and how to pay it.

If your development is not CIL liable, we will let you know.

If you don’t pay

Please see our Penalties and Surcharges page for more information on the possible consequences of non-payment and late payment.

Contact Information

CIL Officer
01264 368000