A New Neighbourhood at Whitenap, Romsey

Policy COM3: New Neighbourhood at Whitenap, Romsey

A new neighbourhood of approximately 1,300 dwellings together with a range of facilities is proposed to the south of Romsey at Whitenap (see attached map).

Development will be permitted subject to the provision of:

a. affordable housing provision in accordance with policy COM7;
b. community and education facilities, including a primary school, community hall and local centre comprising a number of uses, to meet the needs of the new community;
c. public open space provision in accordance with policy LHW1 with the parkland requirement being met on the northern boundary.
d. landscaping to be provided including:
   i) a landscape belt of approximately 20 metres along the southern boundary adjoining the A27/A3057;
   ii) a landscape belt of approximately 10 metres along the eastern boundary adjoining Mountbatten School;
   iii) new landscape and biodiversity corridors linking Beggarspath Wood to the countryside to the south;
   iv) retention of existing landscaping along the western boundary of the site with the A27/A3057;
e. retention and enhancement of Beggarspath Wood;
f. access to the development to be provided by;
   i) vehicular access to the A27/ A3057 junction (Ashfield Roundabout);
   ii) vehicular access to a new junction to the east of Ashfield Roundabout
   iii) vehicular access to Whitenap Lane to serve development at Whitenap Barns;
   iv) pedestrian/cycle links to Botley Road, Whitenap Lane, Tadburn Road and the A27/ A3057 via a new bridge over the railway line;
   v) pedestrian/cycle route within the proposed landscaping adjoining the A27 to Whitenap Lane;
g. off site improvements to the transport network to manage the impact of additional movements including
   i) A27/Botley Road
   ii) A27/ Rownhams Lane
   iii) A27/ A3090
   iv) A3057/ M271
h. 8.0 Ha per 1,000 population of land at Beggarspath Wood and Luzborough Plantation to be provided to mitigate the impact of the development on sites of European importance.