A New Neighbourhood at Whitenap, Romsey

Policy LE3: Land at Whitenap, Romsey

Approximately 6ha of land for employment (Class B1 and B2) is proposed to complement the new neighbourhood at Whitenap, Romsey proposed under the Policy COM3 (see attached map).

The main location for the employment allocation will be met at the southern end of the site. Any future employment development will be permitted provided that:

a. the landscaping complement that proposed as part of the Whitenap proposal (Policy COM3)
b. a landscape belt of approximately 10m width between the site and the residential development contained within Policy COM3 is provided;
c. the design and ; layout of the employment site respects the approach to Romsey and proposed new neighbourhood;
d. access to the development will be via;
    i) new vehicular access at the junction of the A27/A3057
    ii) pedestrian and cycle routes to the proposed residential development
e. off-site improvements to the transport network in conjunction with Policy COM3.