Parking Provision and Restrictions in Test Valley

All public car parks and roads in Test Valley, excluding trunk roads are designated as civil enforcement areas. The Council enforces the on street parking restrictions (Traffic Regulation Orders) within this Civil Enforcement Area under an agency agreement with Hampshire County Council.

A parking restriction is something that stops or limits you parking or waiting, as indicated by relevant road markings and / or signage, such as:

  • double yellow lines
  • limited waiting area
  • part time or full time taxi rank
  • residents' parking zone
  • single yellow lines.

The Penalty Charge for less serious contraventions such as overstaying in limited waiting bays or expired tickets in car parks will be £50. The higher charge of £70 will be applied for the more serious contraventions such as parking on yellow lines.

For each level of charge a 50% discount will be still be offered for prompt payment within 14 days and a 50% surcharge will be added if a Charge Certificate needs to be served because payment is delayed.

The Secretary of State for Transport has set the following objectives for Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE):

  • that CPE should contribute to the Council’s transport objectives, using quality based standards that the Public understand and which are enforced fairly, accurately and expeditiously
  • that authorities publish a parking strategy covering on and off street parking provision which is formally reviewed
  • that authorities should formulate their enforcement policies with the objective of increasing compliance.

The emphasis of the statutory guidance is on transparency and information for road users.

Parking and traffic regulations

The Council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee. The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts which is subject to external audit and the arrangements and timetable for 2009/10.

A plan showing the limited waiting, loading/unloading bays and associated works in George Yard, Bridge Street, Westbrooke Close and Borden Gates can be found under 'Attachments' at the bottom of this page.

A plan showing Floral Way parking restrictions is also attached below and details both the parking areas and restricted areas.