Recycling Stars

Recycling Stars is about increasing our recycling rate by encouraging everyone to waste less and recycle more. Our initiative has 5 aims:

  1. to increase awareness
  2. to increase participation
  3. to minimise waste
  4. to decrease contamination
  5. to increase our recycling rate
Recycling Star Glass
Recycle your glass bottles and jars

What's Happening?

Our current theme:  Recycling Stars is encouraging residents to recycle their glass bottles and jars!

Recycling Stars Supporters: If your organisation would like to join in with our initiative visit Recycling Stars Supporters.

Join us on Facebook: To keep up-to-date and for your chance to win prizes throughout the year, join the Recycling Star on his Facebook page.

Find out more: For more information on waste and recycling with Test Valley, you can use the links on this page.



  • Recycle your cans, tins and plastic bottles!
  • Recycle your textiles!
  • Recycling Star Glass
  • Recycling Star Summer
  • Recycling Star with Garden Waste Wheeled Bin