Overview and Scrutiny

The Council has an Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the role of which is described in the Council's Constitution.

What the Overview and Scrutiny Committee does

Review Cabinet decision-making - the committee reviews decisions of the Council’s Cabinet that are the subject of the ‘call-in’ procedure and can make recommendations about any decisions made by the Cabinet. It also considers whether the Cabinet is delivering its functions to the highest standards.

Review policies - The committee also reviews the policies of the Council and the Cabinet so that it can make appropriate recommendations. For example the committee can recommend to Council that new policies are required or that existing policies should be amended or discontinued. It can also make proposals to make policies more effective.

Review other matters – the Committee can also consider any matter referred to it by the Council or the Cabinet and make appropriate recommendations regarding:

Ombudsman Reports

Reports of statutory inspections

Reports from the Audit Commission or District Auditor

Draft policies, plans and strategies which are recommended by the Cabinet or any other Committee for adoption by the Council

The draft Budget which is recommended to the Council by the Cabinet.

Review local issues – the committee can also consider any matter affecting the area or its inhabitants and encourage and enhance community participation in the development of policy options.

Review the performance of other public bodies in the area – the committee can invite reports from them by requesting them to address the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and local people about their activities and performance and can question and gather evidence from any person (with their consent).

For more information on what the Overview and Scrutiny Committee does please see attached documents.

For current Overview and Scrutiny Committee members:

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For further details please contact: the Senior Committee Officer
Tel: 01264 368000
E-mail: clovelock@testvalley.gov.uk