The Council welcomes e-Petitions which are created and submitted through our website. No other electronic petitions will be accepted. E-Petitions must follow the same guidelines as paper petitions. The petition organiser will need to provide Test Valley Borough Council with their name, postal address and email address. You will also need to decide how long you would like your petition to be open for signatures. Most petitions run for three months. However, you can choose a shorter or longer timeframe, up to a maximum of twelve months but you have to notify the Petition Officer immediately after submitting your petition.

An e-Petition can relate to any issue on which the Council has powers or duties or shared delivery responsibilites through the Local Area Agreement or other partnership.

In order to proceed with your petition/signing a petition you will be required to read our Privacy Notice relating to the use of personal data. You can find a link to the Privacy Notice when you submit a petition or sign a petition.