Test Valley Lettings

What we ask of you in return

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Test Valley Lettings provides a free lettings service which saves landlords money on the fees charged by agents. As a Local Authority, our services are transparent and fully accountable and our staff are professional and experienced. All we ask is that you offer our tenants a 12-month fixed-term assured shorthold tenancy, with or without a break clause.  

As a landlord, your normal obligations and responsibilities will apply. This means we expect that you to:

  • keep in good repair the internal and external structure of the property including drains, gutters and external pipes;
  • keep in good repair and working order installations for:
    • the supply of water, gas and electricity;
    • sanitation including basins, baths, and sanitary conveniences;
    • appliances for heating rooms and water;
  • meet all required standards for property fitness and safety and supply the correct documentation to evidence this (including annual safety checks of all gas appliances).

In return for the free services offered by Test Valley Lettings, we ask that you:

  • are willing to rent your property to people who may have a low income or receive top-up benefits;
  • are willing to work with us to try to resolve any problems;
  • inform us before taking any action to bring the tenancy to an end.

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