Conservation Areas

A conservation area is defined as ‘An area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’ Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The Council is responsible for the designation and review of conservation areas. The local authority has a duty to ensure that the character or appearance of a conservation area is preserved or enhanced, when considering applications for development. This includes development which affects the setting of a conservation area.

There are currently 38 designated Conservation Areas within Test Valley. Details of each Conservation Area can be found below.

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Conservation Area Conservation Document Conservation Map
Abbotts Ann Abbotts Ann (Designated 1981 amended 2005) (pdf, 10.4mb) Abbotts Ann Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 3.3mb)
Ampfield Ampfield (Designated 1989) (pdf, 1.7mb) Ampfield Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 3.7mb)
Amport & Monxton Amport & Monxton (Designated 1980 amended 2005) (pdf, 2.7mb) Amport Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 411kb)
Andover Andover (Designated 1969 extended 1984, reviewed 2021) (pdf, 34.5mb) Andover Conservation Area 2021 Boundary Review (pdf, 2.8mb)
Appleshaw Appleshaw (Designated 1985) (pdf, 1.9mb)  
Barton Stacey Barton Stacey (Designated 1984 amended 2008) (pdf, 2.8mb)  
Bossington and Houghton Bossington and Houghton (Designated 1990) (pdf, 5.1mb)  
Braishfield Braishfield (Designated 1981) (pdf, 1.5mb)  
Broughton Broughton (Designated 1972 amended 2008) (pdf, 3.7mb)  
Chilbolton Chilbolton (Designated 1984 amended 2008) (pdf, 4mb)  
Chilworth Chilworth (Designated 1989) (pdf, 1.3mb)  
East Cholderton East Cholderton (Designated 1980 amended 2005) (pdf, 2.7mb) East Cholderton Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 411kb)
Fyfield Fyfield (Designated 1985) (pdf, 1.4mb)  
Goodworth and Upper Clatford Goodworth and Upper Clatford (Designated 1987 amended 2009) (pdf, 3mb)  
Grateley Grateley (Designated 1991) (pdf, 2mb)  
Houghton and Bossington Houghton and Bossington (Designated 1990) (pdf, 5.1mb)  
Hurstbourne Tarrant and Ibthorpe Hurstbourne Tarrant and Ibthorpe (pdf, 3.4mb)  
Kimpton Kimpton (Designated 1985) (pdf, 1.4mb) Kimpton Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 1.5mb)
Kings Somborne Kings Somborne (Designated 1971 extended 1987) (pdf, 1.6mb) Kings Somborne Conservation Area Map (pdf, 2.5mb)
Leckford Leckford (Designated 1989) (pdf, 1.8mb) Longparish Conservation Area Map (pdf, 1mb)
Linkenholt Linkenholt (pdf, 1.4mb)  
Longparish Longparish (Designated 1983 amended 2009) (pdf, 3.3mb) Longparish Conservation Area Map (pdf, 1mb)
Longstock Longstock (Designated 1989) (pdf, 1.8mb) Longstock Conservation Area Map (pdf, 2.4mb)
Michelmersh and Mottisfont Michelmersh and Mottisfont (Designated 1987) (pdf, 3.7mb)

Michelmersh Conservation Area Map (pdf, 819kb)

Mottisfont Conservation Area Map (pdf, 732kb)

Monxton Amport & Monxton (Designated 1980 amended 2005) (pdf, 2.7mb) Monxton Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 411kb)

Nether, Over and Middle Wallop

Nether, Over and Middle Wallop (Designated 1981 amended 2008) (pdf, 1.7mb)

Nether Wallop Conservation Area Character Appraisal (pdf, 4.3mb)

Over and Middle Wallop Conservation Area Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 171kb)

Penton Mewsey and Penton Grafton Penton Mewsey and Penton Grafton (Designated 1982 amended 2009) (pdf, 2.6mb) Penton Mewsey and Penton Grafton Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 560kb)


Quarley (Designated 1991) (pdf, 2.8mb) Quarley Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 1.8mb)
Romsey Romsey (Designated 1970 extended 1983, reviewed 2020) Romsey Conservation Area 2020 Boundary Review
Stockbridge Stockbridge (Designated 1971 extended 1992) (pdf, 1.6mb) Stockbridge Conservation Area Map (pdf, 2.3mb)
Thruxton Thruxton (Designated 1985) (pdf, 1.4mb) Thruxton Character Appraisal Map (pdf, 1.3mb)
Upton Upton (Designated 1983) (pdf, 2mb)  
Vernham Dean Vernham Dean (Designated 1983 extended 2009) (pdf, 2mb)  
West Dean West Dean (Designated 1990) (pdf, 1.3mb)  
West Tytherley West Tytherley (Designated 1991) (pdf, 1.1mb)  
Wherwell Wherwell (Designated 1970 amended 2004) (pdf, 2.7mb)