Draft Local Plan 2040

Previous Stage: Regulation 18 Stage 1 (2022)

The draft Local Plan (Regulation 18 Stage 1) document identified our strategic planning priorities, highlighting a vision and objectives. Alongside this we set out a high level direction on where and what type of development would be supported, through a spatial strategy. To deliver our priorities and spatial strategy, several strategic policies on a range of topics were also set out.  

The full draft Regulation 18 Stage 1 document can be accessed here (pdf, 16.8mb). 

All documents relating to the Regulation 18 Stage 1 draft Local Plan can be accessed below. This includes the supporting documents relating to assessments on the draft Local Plan (Regulation 18 Stage 1) in regard to sustainability, health and equalities. 

Draft Local Plan 2040 Regulation 18 Stage 1 (pdf, 16.8mb)

Sustainability Appraisal: Full Report  (pdf, 8.5mb)

Sustainability Appraisal: Summary (pdf, 7.4mb)

Sustainability Appraisal: Appendices (pdf, 7.3mb)

Health Impact Assessment (pdf, 7.1mb)

Equalities Impact Assessment  (pdf, 7.1mb)

Statement of Consultation (pdf, 7mb)

Statement of Consultation Appendix 2: Schedule of Refined Issues and Options Comments (pdf, 9.4mb)

To support the draft Local Plan 2040 Regulation 18 Stage 1, we prepared three topic papers and a settlement hierarchy assessment  which are available below.

Housing Topic Paper (pdf, 7.2mb)

Spatial Strategy Topic Paper (pdf, 7mb)

Andover and Romsey Town Centres Topic Paper (pdf, 7.8mb)

Settlement Hierarchy Assessment (pdf, 7.2mb)

Schedule of Respondents

A schedule of respondents and comments received in relation to the Regulation Stage 1 document is available below. You can access a summary of all comments made as well as officer responses to these comments here.

Number Organisation
10009 (pdf, 111kb)  Andover Ramblers
10013 (pdf, 2.1mb) Dean
10016 (pdf, 122kb)  J Shah
10021 (pdf, 126kb)  Crosthwaite Eyre
10022 (pdf, 127kb)  Southern Water
10026 (pdf, 262kb) CPRE Test Valley
10027 (pdf, 287kb) Theatres Trust
10032 (pdf, 137kb) Orchard Homes and Development
10033 (pdf, 139kb) Timsbury Holdings Ltd
10034 (pdf, 137kb) Orchard (Highwood Lane) Ltd
10044 (pdf, 931kb) Wates Developments Ltd
10052 (pdf, 154kb) Romsey & District Society Natural Environment
10058 (pdf, 153kb) Abbotts Ann Parish Council
10062 (pdf, 352kb) Braishfield Parish council
10062 (pdf, 94kb)  R Brazier
10068 (pdf, 33kb) Environment Agency
10069 (pdf, 312kb)  Bartholomew
10072 (pdf, 177kb)  Melchet Park & Plaitford Council
10072 (pdf, 74kb)  Wright
10074 (pdf, 1.3mb) Upper Clatford Parish Council
10080 (pdf, 181kb)  Lyell Fairlie
10084 (pdf, 388kb) Trustees of the Captain Busk Grandchildren Settlement
10084 (pdf, 279kb) Trustees of the Captain Busk Grandchildren Settlement part 2
10088 (pdf, 193kb)  Hampshire County Council Property Services
10091 (pdf, 99kb) Trinley estate part 1
10091 (pdf, 658kb) Trinley Estate part 2
10091 (pdf, 658kb) Trinley Estate part 3
10094 (pdf, 8.2mb) CEG
10096 (pdf, 141kb) Barratt David Wilson Homes
10098 (pdf, 100kb) Southampton City Council
10099 (pdf, 356kb) Hampshire County Council
10109 (pdf, 964kb) Seaward Properties
10111 (pdf, 222kb) Rownhams Promotions Limited
10112 (pdf, 132kb) Faberstown Trust
10112 (pdf, 187kb) Faberstown Trust
10114 (pdf, 109kb) Ashfield Partnership
10115 (pdf, 543kb)  Rees
10116 (pdf, 744kb) Rowles Family
10117 (pdf, 1.2mb) Trustees of the Barker Mill Estate
10120 (pdf, 653kb)  Gladman
10124 (pdf, 118kb) Andover Town Council
10125 (pdf, 661kb) Hallam Land Management Ltd
10126 (pdf, 361kb)  Bloor Homes
10128 (pdf, 111kb) Romsey Joint Planning Committee
10131 (pdf, 620kb) Persimmon Homes
10133 (pdf, 1.6mb)  Taylor Wimpey Ltd
10137 (pdf, 233kb)  Peel L&P Investments comments
10137 (pdf, 9.8mb)  Peel L&P Investments response
10140 (pdf, 245kb)  Natural England
10145 (pdf, 249kb) Hampshire Constabulary
10151 (pdf, 146kb) Dunman
10171 (pdf, 305kb) Southern & Regional Developments
10173 (pdf, 363kb)  Planning Base survey
10179 (pdf, 258kb) Drew Smith
10180 (pdf, 177kb)  Aster Group
10181 (pdf, 487kb)  Highwood Group
10182 (pdf, 1mb) Crest Nicholson
10182 (pdf, 536kb) Crest Nicholson part 2
10185 (pdf, 150kb) Western Air (Thruxton)
10185 (pdf, 11.3mb) Western Air (Thruxton) Ltd part 2
10188 (pdf, 640kb) Barons
10189 (pdf, 750kb) Wellow NPS Committee survey
10194 (pdf, 99kb)  Inspired Villages comments
10194 (pdf, 2.6mb) Inspired Villages response
10197 (pdf, 174kb) Goodworth Parish Council
10201 (pdf, 423kb) Home Building Federation
10202 (pdf, 241kb) Wiltshire Council
10204 (pdf, 187kb) Chilbolton Parish Council
10209 (pdf, 5.7mb) WH White Ltd
10210 (pdf, 98kb)  Winchester City Council
10213 (pdf, 127kb)  Grimsdale
10214 (pdf, 129kb)  Bargate Homes
10228 (pdf, 278kb)  L Marshal & Partners
10229 (pdf, 311kb)  Wilson Designer Homes
10230 (pdf, 694kb) L&Q estates
10234 (pdf, 126kb) Sorrel
10235 (pdf, 132kb)  R Newman
10236 (pdf, 146kb) Andover and District Older People's Forum
10237 (pdf, 8kb) Roberts
10238 (pdf, 333kb) Kings Somborne Parish Council
10239 (pdf, 184kb)  Green
10240 (pdf, 46kb)  Midgeley
10241 (pdf, 69kb) Counsell
10242 (pdf, 232kb) Marine Management Organisation
10243 (pdf, 660kb) Go South Coast
10244 (pdf, 45kb)  Wilhelmy
10245 (pdf, 97kb)  Poole
10246 (pdf, 147kb) New Forest National Park Authority
10247 (pdf, 119kb) Habinteg
10248 (pdf, 56kb)  C Croombs
10249 (pdf, 57kb)  P Croombs
10250 (pdf, 70kb) Murdock
10251 (pdf, 152kb) Bennett
10252 (pdf, 235kb) Karsenbarg
10253 (pdf, 63kb) Hyslop
10254 (pdf, 63kb) Gent
10255 (pdf, 684kb)  Woolley & Wallis
10256 (pdf, 106kb) O'Connell
10257 (pdf, 63kb) Lee-Smith
10258 (pdf, 47kb) New Forest District Council
10259 (pdf, 414kb) Abri
10260 (pdf, 68kb) Hampshire
10261 (pdf, 80kb) Elwell
10262 (pdf, 35kb) Shrimpton
10263 (pdf, 116kb) Grey
10264 (pdf, 94kb) Wilmot
10265 (pdf, 68kb) Parsons
10266 (pdf, 58kb)  D Stanbridge
10267 (pdf, 27kb) C Stanbridge
10268 (pdf, 76kb) Scard
10269 (pdf, 96kb) Evans
10270 (pdf, 25kb) Marquiss
10271 (pdf, 60kb) Baxter
10272 (pdf, 61kb) Acland
10273 (pdf, 67kb) Bovill
10274 (pdf, 56kb) Barlow
10275 (pdf, 105kb) Heslop
10276 (pdf, 134kb)  Balchin
10277 (pdf, 77kb)  Buckland
10278 (pdf, 72kb)  Bishop
10279 (pdf, 170kb) Romsey & District Society Planning Committee
10280 (pdf, 211kb)  Freeman
10281 (pdf, 60kb) Langrishe
10282 (pdf, 58kb) Prince
10283 (pdf, 89kb) WIlson
10284 (pdf, 691kb) Romsey Ramblers Group
10285 (pdf, 6kb) Lynn
10286 (pdf, 312kb) Arborman survey
10287 (pdf, 67kb) Greenwood
10288 (pdf, 28kb) R Pearce
10289 (pdf, 64kb) Hawkins
10290 (pdf, 61kb)  Kennedy
10291 (pdf, 168kb) National Highways Limited
10292 (pdf, 87kb) Heslop
10297 (pdf, 62kb)  Wood
10298 (pdf, 83kb) Kirk
10299 (pdf, 455kb) Vivid Housing Ltd
10300 (pdf, 107kb)  Taylor
10301 (pdf, 62kb) Davies
10302 (pdf, 57kb) Fry
10293 (pdf, 95kb) Wilson
10294 (pdf, 72kb) Lewis
10295 (pdf, 153kb) A Wilson
10296 (pdf, 221kb)  Havant Borough Council Planning Services
10303 (pdf, 79kb)  A Fry
10304 (pdf, 68kb)  Masters
10305 (pdf, 55kb) Scott
10306 (pdf, 113kb) Pope
10307 (pdf, 104kb)  Michelmersh Parish Council Clerk
10308 (pdf, 25kb) J Martin
10309 (pdf, 88kb) D Mason
10310 (pdf, 63kb) R Spooner
10311 (pdf, 39kb)  E J McGrenra
10312 (pdf, 56kb) J Knight
10313 (pdf, 55kb) C Barclay
10314 (pdf, 3.1mb) Boyle
10315 (pdf, 67kb) S Coates
10316 (pdf, 75kb) C Coates
10317 (pdf, 92kb) P Wilkinson
10318 (pdf, 81kb) M Elwell
10319 (pdf, 2.6mb)  Brock
10320 (pdf, 113kb) Southern Strategic Land
10321 (pdf, 111kb) Welland
10322 (pdf, 78kb)  Cycling UK
10323 (pdf, 68kb)  Romsey Ltd
10324 (pdf, 59kb) Sibley
10325 (pdf, 62kb) R Tsui
10326 (pdf, 79kb)  R Chilton
10327 (pdf, 65kb) C Barlow
10328 (pdf, 195kb) L Nierop
10329 (pdf, 65kb)  Porteous
10330 (pdf, 69kb)  B Goodridge
10331 (pdf, 99kb) Bailey
10332 (pdf, 98kb) Four Horseshoes PH
10333 (pdf, 329kb) N Shah
10334 (pdf, 63kb) Hancke
10335 (pdf, 76kb) Yolanda Burchell
10336 (pdf, 74kb)  Shaune Burchell
10337 (pdf, 75kb) Vaughan Burchell
10338 (pdf, 78kb) Morgan Burchell
10339 (pdf, 163kb)  Li
10340 (pdf, 27kb) Holdsworth
10341 (pdf, 74kb) Mark Burchell
10342 (pdf, 128kb)  Awbury Holdings Limited
10343 (pdf, 278kb) Belfield Homes Ltd
10344 (pdf, 85kb) Messenger
10345 (pdf, 127kb)  Diplock
10346 (pdf, 149kb) Pedigree Stock Farm Developments Ltd
10347 (pdf, 26kb) Moodie
10348 (pdf, 74kb) Horn
10349 (pdf, 57kb) Winchcombe
10350 (pdf, 63kb)  Haszlakiewicz
10351 (pdf, 118kb) S Taylor
10352 (pdf, 73kb) Stratland Estates
10353 (pdf, 86kb)  Orvis
10354 (pdf, 69kb) Stratland Commercial Limited
10355 (pdf, 72kb) Over Wallop Parish Council
10356 (pdf, 205kb) L Nierop
10357 (pdf, 156kb)  Cross
10358 (pdf, 1.2mb)  Society of Merchant Venturers
10359 (pdf, 75kb)  Pitchers
10360 (pdf, 73kb) Bolwell
10361 (pdf, 68kb) Kemp
10362 (pdf, 75kb) Eastleigh Local Plan Team
10363 (pdf, 48kb) Love
10364 (pdf, 185kb)  Moon River Ltd
10365 (pdf, 100kb)  Preedy
10366 (pdf, 58kb) Lumsden
10367 (pdf, 179kb) Whittick Family
10368 (pdf, 26kb) Griffiths
10369 (pdf, 59kb) S Hawkins
10370 (pdf, 102kb)  Murphy
10371 (pdf, 119kb) Shorter
10372 (pdf, 114kb)  Grateley Parish Council
10373 (pdf, 1.3mb) Draper Tools Ltd.
10374 (pdf, 11.8mb)  Foreman Homes Ltd
10375 (pdf, 926kb) Churchill Retirement Living
10376 (pdf, 926kb) McCarthy Stone
10377 (pdf, 469kb) Tower View Property Group
10378 (pdf, 1.8mb) Raymond Farming
10379 (pdf, 149kb) Racedown ALPS comments 1
10379 (pdf, 149kb) Racedown ALPS comments 2
10379 (pdf, 925kb)  Racedown ALPS response 1
10379 (pdf, 2.2mb) Racedown ALPS response 2
10380 (pdf, 114kb) A McGrenra
10381 (pdf, 822kb)  St Modwen Logistics response
10382 (pdf, 606kb) Land at Stockbridge School (Highwood)
10383 (pdf, 58kb)  Finlay
10384 (pdf, 158kb) Painter
10385 (pdf, 72kb)  P Bishop
10386 (pdf, 117kb) Moon
10387 (pdf, 754kb) Wherwell Farms Ltd
10388 (pdf, 63kb) FTI Consulting
10389 (pdf, 103kb) Lawrence
10390 (pdf, 398kb)  Longparish Parish Council
10391 (pdf, 136kb)  Pooley
10392 (pdf, 136kb)  Joan Smith
10393 (pdf, 136kb) Mr & Mrs Abott
10394 (pdf, 136kb) Jane Parker
10395 (pdf, 136kb)  Mr & Mrs Lynch
10396 (pdf, 100kb) Li
10397 (pdf, 104kb) Chilworth Parish Council
10398 (pdf, 309kb) Kenneth Brown
10399 (pdf, 375kb) Burns survey
10400 (pdf, 369kb)  Proctor survey
10401 (pdf, 370kb) Blakeman survey
10402 (pdf, 278kb) Perkins survey
10403 (pdf, 334kb) P Kitching survey
10404 (pdf, 347kb) Wingfield survey
10405 (pdf, 370kb) North Wessex Downs AONB survey
10406 (pdf, 51kb) Page-Smith
10407 (pdf, 260kb)  Elizabeth Bray
10408 (pdf, 530kb) White, White, White & Storr
10409 (pdf, 122kb) Foreman Homes
10410 (pdf, 339kb) Walton survey
10411 (pdf, 405kb) Waue survey
10412 (pdf, 59kb) Rhys survey
10413 (pdf, 280kb) J Newman survey
10414 (pdf, 620kb)  F Cole survey
10415 (pdf, 135kb) Coal Authority
10416 (pdf, 96kb) Franklin