Bank Holiday 2022 Waste and Recycling Collections

The waste and recycling collections are often a day later during a bank holiday week. 

During 2022, the bank holiday collections will be as follows:


Good Friday - 15 April - Collections as normal.

Easter Monday - 18 April - No collection. Collections will be a day later this week.

Early May Bank Holiday - 2 May - No collection. Collections will be a day later this week.

Spring Bank Holiday - 2 June - Collections as normal.

Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday - 3 June - Collections as normal.

Summer Bank Holiday - 29 August - No Collection.  Collections will be a day later this week.

For more details, have a look at the bin collection calendar below or use the 'When are my bins collected' look-up on the home page.  This will provide you with a collection calendar for your property and includes dates for household waste, recycling and garden waste (if you subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service).

For Christmas and New Year collection details, please see the link.


Excess Waste
This will only be collected during the Christmas and New Year period.  Please note our collection teams will only empty one black bin per property unless extra bin capacity has been authorised.

Excess Recyclables
Recyclable materials in cardboard boxes left beside the brown bin on recycling weeks will be collected throughout the year.



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