Christmas and New Year 2022/23 Waste and Recycling Collections

The Christmas and New Year 2022/23 waste and recycling collection days are:

Normal Collection Day Revised Collection Day Bin Type
Monday 26 December 2022 Tuesday 27 December 2022 Black / Household Waste
Tuesday 27 December 2022 Wednesday 28 December 2022 Black / Household Waste
Wednesday 28 December 2022 Thursday 29 December 2022 Black / Household Waste
Thursday 29 December 2022 Friday 30 December 2022 Black / Household Waste
Friday 30 December 2022 Saturday 31 December 2022 Black / Household Waste
Monday 2 January 2023 Tuesday 3 January 2023 Brown / Recycling
Tuesday 3 January 2023 Wednesday 4 January 2023 Brown / Recycling
Wednesday 4 January 2023 Thursday 5 January 2023 Brown / Recycling
Thursday 5 January 2023 Friday 6 January 2023 Brown / Recycling
Friday 6 January 2023 Saturday 7 January 2023 Brown / Recycling

Garden waste collections will not take place between Monday 19 December 2022 and Saturday 31 December 2022 and collections will be a day later than usual during the week commencing 2 January 2023.

Don't forget you can always check online when your next few collections will take place for household waste, recycling and garden waste (if you subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service). Click here to check: When are my bins collected?

Excess Waste
During the Christmas and New Year period only waste left in bags beside the black bin on a household waste collection day will be accepted.  Collection teams will only empty one black bin per property unless extra bin capacity has been authorised.

Excess Recyclables
Recyclable materials in cardboard boxes left beside the brown bin on recycling weeks will be collected throughout the year.

Do not put gift wrap in the brown recycling bin. Most gift wrap is plastic film, foil or heavily over-printed, low grade paper. Used gift wrap is also often scrunched up and covered with sticky tape. Overall it has very little, if any, material benefit for recycling.

During the festive period, the Local Recycling Centres will be monitored and emptied regularly.

The Household Waste Recycling Centres will be open except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree
For more information on disposing of your real Christmas tree, see the attached leaflet.