Recycle Your Christmas Waste

Food and drink cartons (fruit juice, custard, soup etc.) can be recycled at selected Local Recycling Centres.

Christmas Cards
Cards and envelopes that you receive can be recycled in your brown bin.  Cards containing glitter should be put in your black bin - although you could reuse them as tags next year.  You can also save your stamps for charities - check online for charities that collect them.

Christmas Trees
Once the festive season is over, you can dispose of your real Christmas tree in a number of ways:

  • take it to one of the Council's temporary disposal sites
  • take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre
  • put it out for collection by the Council's Garden Waste Collection Service - this is a chargeable service

All of the collected trees will be composted to produce Pro-Grow. Pro-Grow is a high quality organic soil conditioner produced within Hampshire by Project Integra and can be bought at any HWRC.

Aluminium foil can be recycled at your Local Recycling Centre. To test if the foil is aluminium foil, scrunch it up in your hand. If it springs back then it is not suitable for recycling as it is a plastic foil.

Recycle all of your glass bottles and jars at your Local Recycling Centre.  Please leave the metal lids and tops on as they will be recycled too.

Paper and Card
Recycle all of your paper and card (envelopes, greetings cards and packaging etc.) in your brown recycling bin. Unfortunately, we cannot recycle gift wrap.

Plastic Bottles and Cans
Recycle all of your plastic bottles and cans and tins (milk bottles, fizzy drinks bottles, cooking oil bottles, cleaning fluid bottles, food and drinks cans etc.) in your brown recycling bin. Do not forget to crush your plastic bottles and cans as this will leave more room in your bin. Remember to leave your lids on your plastic bottles as they can be recycled too!

Whether it is this year's unwanted gift or last year's fashion, please take any items (including shoes) to your Local Recycling Centre.