How to complain to the Council

To report potholes please contact Hampshire County Council here. Hampshire County Council also manage street lighting, salt bins and other problems or issues on roads, footpaths and verges, if you have a complaint about any of these please contact them here.
To report issues with Local Housing Stock, including maintenance and repair, graffiti, and some neighbourhood issues – Aster Communities (Formerly known as Testway)
If you have a noise complaint please visit the Noise Nuisance section of our website to help us deal with your request quicker.

If you raise an issue via Twitter or Facebook we will help and sign post you to the correct council service or external agency.


The steps you should take if you feel you have a complaint or concern about the Council:

In the first instance, if you are concerned about something you can speak to your local councillor, or you can write, telephone, e-mail.

Your concern will be dealt with by the Head of Service and/or Officers responsible for that area, as appropriate.

In most cases, we will be able to resolve your concern or complaint within 10 working days. If this is not possible for any reason, we will let you know why, and when you will hear from us.

If you are still unhappy about the way your concern has been dealt with, you can telephone, e-mail or write to the Chief Executive.

A complaint is taken very seriously. The Chief Executive will involve the people in charge of the relevant service and investigate your concerns. You will receive an acknowledgement within three working days and a response within fifteen working days.

If you remain dissatisfied with the findings and decisions by the Chief Executive, or with the overall handling of your complaint, there are further options which you may pursue, and which a member of the team can guide you through, including:

Contact your elected representative - please note you can contact your local Councillor about an issue at any stage, before, during, or after your complaint

The Local Government Ombudsman 

If you need to make a complaint about a Councillor please click here


Anonymous complaints

Anonymous complaints can be made but the Council will not be able to update you on the investigation or any potential outcome. 


For queries about the complaints process please contact:

Complaints and Communications Officer
Tel: 01264 368000 or