Injunction Application

An application has been made to the High Court for an order prohibiting unauthorised encampments and associated orders covering a defined area in Andover and a small area in Romsey.  A power of arrest is also sought. The hearing of the application for an interim injunction is listed for hearing on the 28 July 2020.  An order permitting alternative service was granted on the 18 June 2020.

The orders, applications, claim form, draft orders, witness evidence and equality impact assessment can be accessed using the links below

Index to Documents (161kb)


Order, Applications, Plans, Claim Form and Draft Orders (31.5mb)

Interim Injunction- Order of His Honour Judge Bird 28th July 2020 (7.6mb)


Witness Statement Bundle (30.3mb)
Third Witness Statement of Karen Dunn 27.07.2020 (pdf, 6mb)


Exhibit Bundle Part 1 - C1-C312 (72.9mb)
Exhibit Bundle Part 2 - C313-C617 (99.3mb)
Exhibit Bundle Part 3 - C618-C936 (65mb)
Exhibit Bundle Part 4 - C937-C1248 (129.7mb)


Equality Impact Assessment (4.6mb)