Draft Local Plan 2040

Previous Stage: Issues and Options Consultation (2018)

The first stage consultation - Issues and Options 2018

As part of our preparation for our next Local Plan for the borough, the council undertook a consultations on the issues and options to focus on. When a Local Plan is produced it has to be based upon national planning guidance (National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance), the evidence that we collected and have taken into account, and what the council and our communities see as the key planning issues. 

The first stage, held in 2018, aimed to get your views on the issues that face the borough, and those that live and work in Test Valley will face, and the options for how best we deal with them. This includes how much development we should plan for and where it should go. The consultation was not about identifying possible sites for development at this stage. The consultation included issues covering housing, employment, the environment and infrastructure.

The consultation ran for a ten week period from 6 July to 14 September 2018. The documentation published for this consultation remains available on this page. To assist with Question 6 in the Issues and Options Consultation document, concerning the Housing Market Area (HMA) boundary (see paragraphs 5.6 and 5.7), a map showing the areas covered by the current Southern Test Valley (STV) and Northern Test Valley (NTV) HMAs was been provided.

The next Local Plan will take approximately five years to prepare and there will be further opportunities for you to have your say. The results of the Issues and Options consultation are being used to inform preparation of the next Local Plan. In the summer of 2020, we held the second stage of consultation. You can access Local Plan - Refined Issues and Options, here.

From this page you are able to see the comments we received on the Issues and Options Consultation document, as well as officer responses to these comments. The comments we received are available here: Issues and options - schedule of comments

Respondent Number


10001 (pdf, 259kb)

Ashley Parish Meeting

10002 (pdf, 73kb)


10003 (pdf, 66kb)


10004 (pdf, 132kb)

Valley Park Parish Council

10005 (pdf, 79kb)

Forestry Commission

10006 (pdf, 33kb)

Charlton Parish Council

10007 (pdf, 65kb)

Highways England

10008 (pdf, 59kb)


10009 (pdf, 152kb)

Andover Ramblers

10010 (pdf, 99kb)


10011 (pdf, 183kb)

National Grid

10012 (pdf, 523kb)


10013 (pdf, 484kb)


10014 (pdf, 127kb)


10015 (pdf, 44kb)


10016 (pdf, 34kb)


10017 (pdf, 35kb)


10018 (pdf, 40kb)


10019 (pdf, 326kb)


10020 (pdf, 74kb)


10021 (pdf, 159kb)

Crosthwaite Eyre

10022 (pdf, 453kb)

Southern Water

10023 (pdf, 87kb)

Jones & Thorburn

10024 (pdf, 227kb)


10025 (pdf, 160kb)

North Baddesley Parish Council

10026 (pdf, 962kb)

CPRE Test Valley

10027 (pdf, 66kb)

Theatres Trust

10028 (pdf, 878kb)

New Forest District Council

10029 (pdf, 1.3mb)

Hampshire County Council Public Health Team

10030 (pdf, 44kb)


10031 (pdf, 515kb)

Ratlake Farm Leisure Ltd

10032 (pdf, 422kb)

Orchard Homes and Developments Ltd

10033 (pdf, 461kb)

Timsbury Holdings Ltd

10034 (pdf, 417kb)

Orchard Homes (Highwood Ltd)

10035 (pdf, 77kb)


10036 (pdf, 901kb)

Thruxton Parish Council

10037 (pdf, 161kb)

English Rural Housing Association

10038 (pdf, 36kb)


10039 (pdf, 60kb)


10040 (pdf, 525kb)


10041 (pdf, 1.6mb)

Rentplus UK Ltd

10042 (pdf, 886kb)


10043 (pdf, 264kb)


10044 (pdf, 723kb)

Wates Developments Ltd

10045 (pdf, 387kb)

Thruxton Industrial Estate Andover

10046 (pdf, 105kb)

Sport England

10047 (pdf, 187kb)

Wildlife Trust

10048 (pdf, 126kb)

Romsey & District Society: Planning Committee

10049 (pdf, 434kb)

Historic England

10050 (pdf, 13kb)


10051 (pdf, 212kb)


10052 (pdf, 101kb)

Romsey & District Society: Natural Environment Committee

10053 (pdf, 72kb)


10054 (pdf, 741kb)

Mottisfont Parish Council

10055 (pdf, 142kb)


10056 (pdf, 82kb)

Thakeham Homes Ltd

10057 (pdf, 108kb)

Vivid Homes

10058 (pdf, 114kb)

Abbotts Ann Parish Council

10059 (pdf, 34kb)

Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH)

10060 (pdf, 212kb)


10061 (pdf, 39kb)


10062 (pdf, 421kb)

Braishfield Parish Council

10063 (pdf, 196kb)

Penton Mewsey Parish Council

10064 (pdf, 409kb)


10065 (pdf, 98kb)

Barrington Brown

10067 (pdf, 179kb)

Hampshire Swifts

10068 (pdf, 116kb)

Environment Agency

10069 (pdf, 459kb)


10070 (pdf, 1.4mb)


10071 (pdf, 23kb)


10072 (pdf, 28kb)

Melchet Park and Plaitford Parish Council

10073 (pdf, 59kb)

Tangley Parish Council

10074 (pdf, 60kb)

Upper Clatford Parish Council

10075 (pdf, 18kb)


10076 (pdf, 425kb)


10077 (pdf, 773kb)

Bellway Homes Ltd (Wessex)

10079 (pdf, 180kb)


10080 (pdf, 840kb)


10081 (pdf, 852kb)


10082 (pdf, 841kb)

Bryan Jezeph Consultancy Ltd

10083 (pdf, 119kb)

Nursling & Rownhams Parish Council

10084 (pdf, 761kb)

Trustees of the Captain Busk Grandchildren Settlement

10085 (pdf, 205kb)

Wellow Parish Council

10086 (pdf, 171kb)

New  Forest National Park

10087 (pdf, 43kb)


10088 (pdf, 287kb)

Hampshire County Council Property Services

10089 part 1 (pdf, 30.1mb) 
10089 part 2 (pdf, 21.6mb)

Gallagher Estates Ltd

10090 (pdf, 824kb)

Owners of Spencers Farm

10091 part 1 (pdf, 518kb)
10091 part 2 (pdf, 5.4mb)

The Trinley Estate

10092 (pdf, 43kb)


10093 (pdf, 255kb)


10094 (pdf, 3.7mb)


10095 (pdf, 59kb)

Romsey Future walking, Cycling & Transport Group

10096 (pdf, 627kb)

Barratt David Wilson Homes

10097 (pdf, 91kb)

Richborough Estates Ltd

10098 (pdf, 29kb)

Eastleigh & Southampton City Council

10099 (pdf, 174kb)

Hampshire County Council

10100 (pdf, 81kb)

The Ashfield Estate

10101 (pdf, 7.6mb)

Broadlands Estate

10102 (pdf, 95kb)


10103 (pdf, 321kb)

Hillier Nurseries & Garden Centre

10104 (pdf, 2.9mb)

Broadlands Estate

10105 (pdf, 518kb)

Ampfield Parish Council

10106 (pdf, 136kb)

Michelmersh & Timsbury Parish Council

10107 (pdf, 482kb)


10109 (pdf, 256kb)

Seaward Properties Ltd

10110 (pdf, 522kb)

Stockbridge Parish Council

10111 (pdf, 2.7mb)

Rownhams Promotions Limited

10112 (pdf, 15.6mb)

The Faberstown Trust

10113 (pdf, 837kb)

The Leckford Estate

10114 (pdf, 472kb)

Ashfield Partnership

10115 (pdf, 769kb)

Alfred Strategic

10116 (pdf, 918kb)

Rowles Family

10117 (pdf, 977kb)

Trustees of the Barker Mill Estates

10118 (pdf, 388kb)

Gleeson Strategic Land

10119 (pdf, 956kb)

Bellway Homes

10120 (pdf, 1.8mb)

Gladman Developments Ltd

10121 (pdf, 39kb)

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

10122 (pdf, 262kb)

Taylor Wimpey Strategy Land

10123 (pdf, 433kb)

A C English Developments Ltd

10124 (pdf, 92kb)

Andover Town Council

10125 part 1 (pdf, 848kb)

10125 part 2 (pdf, 13.6mb)

Hallam Land Management Ltd

10126 (pdf, 110kb)

Bloor Homes

10127 (pdf, 223kb)

Wynford Industrial Park

10128 (pdf, 361kb)

Romsey Town Council Planning Committee

10129 (pdf, 96kb)

University of Southampton Science Park

10130 (pdf, 587kb)


10131 part 1 (pdf, 1.6mb)
10131 part 2 (pdf, 13mb)


10132 (pdf, 87kb)

NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group

10133 (pdf, 3.6mb)

Taylor Wimpey

10134 (pdf, 160kb)

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

10135 (pdf, 536kb)


10136 (pdf, 572kb)

Simply Health

10137 (pdf, 3.8mb)

Peel Land & Property

10138 (pdf, 270kb)

Quarley Parish Council

10139 (pdf, 208kb)

CPRE Hampshire

10140 (pdf, 427kb)

Natural England